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Through the eyes of ScaryBob

C. Robert Cales has a nickname, ScaryBob. I'm a horror writer and my reading preference is horror, but I recognize that the genre has its negatives. There is a tendency for horror to be plot driven with only enough character development to tell the reader who the zombies are eating. I call my version of horror the paranormal thriller, which is character driven with the dark elements slinking around in the shadows. My intension is that readers connect with the characters on an emotional level. There's a boogieman in the closet of the guest bedroom of the old farm house your new friend has just purchased. You love this woman. She's a lot like you. This old house is her project. She's plastering, painting, wallpapering, having windows replaced, new hardwood floors put in, new appliances. Her twin sister is joining her on the project. She will be sleeping in the guest bedroom. She has clothes to hang in that closet. You're screaming for her not to open the door. If the above was horror you would know very little about that woman and the third thing she would do in the house is to jerk that closet door open. In my blog I will examine the difference between what I believe is good and bad horror